"Key Element" Hotel

The territory of comfortable rest in the heart of the capital!

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Discount when booking online up to 15% ?

When you pay on the website there is a system of discounts:

  • 1-2 days - 7%
  • 3-5 days - 9%
  • 6-9 days - 11%
  • 11+ days - 15%
Rooms and prices
Standard room 11-13 м2
Standard room dscf9004 dscf9008 dscf9012 dscf9014 dscf9029 dscf9030 dscf9031 dscf9032 dscf9032_1
Comfort room 14-16 м2
Comfort room dscf9114 dscf9117 dscf9120 dscf9121 dscf9122 dscf9124 dscf9128 dscf9143 dscf9144 dscf9145 dscf9148
Business room 17-21 м2
Business room dscf9078 dscf9080 dscf9081 dscf9103 dscf9104 dscf9105 dscf9106 dscf9107 dscf9108 dscf9109 dscf9110 panorama209
Suite room 24-29 м2
Suite room dscf9035 dscf9037 dscf9039 dscf9043 dscf9057 dscf9061 dscf9062 dscf9066 dscf9067 dscf9068 dscf9069

"Key Element" Hotel

+7(495) 988-00-64

24/1 B. Nikitskaya st., Moscow