Visa support for tourists entering the territory of the Russian Federation

Invitation (voucher) is a document granting the right to a tourist to obtain a visa for entry into the territory of the Russian Federation. The invitation (voucher) issued by the hotel "Key Element" confirms the information about the reservation of the room by the tourist for accommodation in the hotel "Key Element" at the address: 24/1 B. Nikitskaya st., Moscow.

The hotel "Key Element" provides an invitation (voucher) to individual tourists and to tourist groups.

To issue an individual invitation (voucher) you need:

  • Book a room in the hotel "Key Element";
  • Receive confirmation from the administration of the hotel "Key Element" for the dates indicated in the booking for accommodation;
  • Provide a copy of the passport, or passport data (name, passport number, date of birth) indicating the dates of stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, if the tour involves visiting several cities in Russia, the city should be indicated with a period of stay in each city;
  • Negotiate the cost and method of payment with the hotel administration;

Payment can be made remotely:

  • By bank card;
  • Via PayPal

The issued invitation (voucher) will be sent by e-mail during the day.

To obtain a visa to enter the territory of the Russian Federation:

  • Invitation (voucher)
  • Confirmation of the hotel about room reservation

On the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, fill out a questionnaire (form)

The procedure for filing documents and the timing of visa processing are specified in the Russian Consulate at the Russian Federation's office of your country.

The cost of issuing a tourist voucher of 1000 rubles. up to 3500 rubles.



Fill the form in free form to receive a visa invitation at the Hotel "Key Element" (Moscow)


Conditions specify by e-mail (with indication of citizenship) or by phone:+7(495) 988-00-64


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