Рижский вокзал

The building of the Rizhsky station was built in 1897-1901 in connection with the construction Windowskaya railway. Construction took place in St. Petersburg . It was headed by architect Stanislaw Brzozowsky . He was the author Vitebsky railway station in Saint Petersburg. The station building is built in the Russian style of the XVII century. It consists of three towers which are connected on the ground floor with each other by transitions. In 1995 it was the reconstruction of the building. The appearance of the station has not been changed. During its existence, the station has changed several names. Until 1930 it was called Vindavsky, until 1942 — the Baltiisky, until 1946 — Rzhevsky train station.

Rizhsky railway station serves long-distance trains and commuter trains. Also some railway tracks of the station is given over to the exposition of the Museum of the history of rail transport, where more than 40 domestic and trophy items.

A feature of the Rizhsky station is Red Baltiets Platform .Four times a week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at 12.00 noon a vintage train locomotive departs to Suburban station from there . On that train people have guided tours.

Today the Rizhskaya station sent only two long-distance trains: to Riga and Velikiye Luki, and commuter trains.

There is also a Centre of scientific and technical information JSC "RZD" and the Innovation Development Centre there,

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