Павелецкий вокзал

Paveletsky train station is one of the first stations of the capital. He was commissioned on the 19 th of January in 1900. The first name of the station was Saratov. Current name was given after the Great Patriotic War in honor the village Pavelets which is located in the Ryazanskaya region.

The station building was built by architect Alexander Krasovsky height of two floors. As such, the building existed before the 80 th of XX century, when it was reconstructed. In November 1987, updated Paveletsky station adopted its first passengers. Architects involved in the reconstruction preserved the architectural appearance and style of the old station. It was not destroyed and became part of a new modern complex. Since 2002 a new rapid transit system from Moscow Paveletskaya Railway Station to Domodedovo Airport opened . In this regard, in the Red room Paveletsky cash registers are working for the registration of air passengers. It connects Moscow with the Middle and Lower Volga region and Central black earth region, as well as some cities of the Caucasus. in this sense, he is the understudy of the Kazansky Station.

Address: Paveletskaya square, building 1 (Paveletskaya)

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