Киевский вокзал

Kievsky Railway Station (until 1934 it was called Bryansky) . In 1912, funds were allocated for the construction of the new building of the station. Chief architect and engineer I. I. Rehberg was appointed . The building, built in the neoclassical style, has become one of the most beautiful architectural creations of Moscow. The facade of the building overlooks the Moscow river, and 51-meter tower is decorated with an enormous clock. Muscovites called him "Moscow Big Ben" because the station had a height of sixteen at home. In 1934 the station was renamed Kievky, trains go to European cities (Rome, Istanbul, Athens, Vienna, Sofia, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, Belgrade), as well as the cities of Ukraine and Moldova from there. In the station building, which is equipped with modern technical innovations, a variety of services is provided for the passengers . The station has a direct branch to the Vnukovo Airport with the regular trains.

Address: 121059, Moscow, square of the Kiev station, d. 1, metro station "Kievskaya"

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