Театр «У Никитских ворот»

Address: Москва, ул. Большая Никитская, д.23

Working hours: Ежедневно с 11.00 до 20.00 (перерыв с 15.00 до 16.00)

Phone: 8 (495) 695 82 19

Nearest underground station: м. Арбатская

The Theatre at Nikitsky Gate was founded by the people's artist of Russia Mark Rozovskiy in 1983. In the 91st year, the theatre became state.

The performances of the theatre

On a scene of the Theatre at Nikitsky Gate there are varied performances. Every performance is a new discovery, a new experiment and a new achievement. In genre terms: a comedy, a tragic farce, a drama, poetry performances, philosophical parables, and musicals. In their performances the Theatre at Nikitsky Gate pursues the ideas of humanity and psychological theatre.

Theatre directors have worked on the production of classics such as 'Songs of Our Court Yard', 'The Novel About Girls" and new productions on contemporary works: 'Bury Me Behind a Plinth' (P. Sanaev), 'Forget-Me-Nots' (L. Ulitskaya), 'The Snowstorm' ( V. Sorokin).

The company and the place

The Theatre at Nikitsky gate has been around for 30 years and during that time this company has gained experience. It never ceases to experiment and find new talent. So the team of the theatre consists of both experienced and renowned artists and new young personalities: I. Morozov, A. Vilkov, V. Yumatov, A. Molotkov, N. Troitskaya, M. Rasskazova, D. Yuchenkov, Borisov and others.

The theatre has toured extensively and has participated in various Russian and international festivals. In Moscow the new building of the theatre is on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. It is the historic building of the 18th century. The main hall of the theatre has a capacity of 198 people and has all the necessary equipment for performances. The entourage of the last century in which it was constructed is completely saved .

Address :

Bolshaya Nikitskaya street , 23/14/9

+7 (495) 695-82-19

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