Театр имени К. С. Станиславского

On the theatrical map of Moscow the Theatre of Stanislavsky occupies a very special place. It was named in honor the great reformer of the performing art. At the origins of the theatre Stanislavsky was . That man wanting to create an experimental laboratory for the development of his system organized the Opera Dramatic Studio in 1935 which was transformed into the Drama Theatre in 1984 .

"I do not believe!" This phrase became popular instantly because the man who gave it the theater community demanded from the actors complete transformation in their characters. The Drama Studio of the great director became popular quickly . That tradition which was created within the walls of this "creative lab" rules Bal of Theatres in the world. Today on the poster of the Stanislavsky Theatre you can see as a serious classical pieces (from "Romeo and Juliet" Shakespeare to "Heart of a Dog" and "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov) and children's stories ("The Black Hen", "The Magic Nut", "The Frog Princess"). Latest productions are comedies : "The 39 Steps", "the Masculine Gender, Singular", "Women Gossip" . They are so popular. Nostalgic and touching performance "Cuba is my love" does not leave you indifferent . It is about people and things that are being left out of life.

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