Address: г. Москва, Тверская ул., Страстной и Тверской бульвары

Nearest underground station: станция метро Пушкинская

Pushkinskaya Metro Station

Pushkinskaya Metro Station of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow metro was opened on 17 th of December in 1975 simultaneously with Kuznetsky Most Metro Station as the Central section linking Zhdanovskaya and Krasnopresnenskaya lines.

Lobbies and transplantation

There are two underground halls inside Pushkinskaya Metro Station .

West lobby shares Pushkinskaya and Tverskaya Metro Stations . These are two wide underground halls rectangular form which connect the two short but wide aisles. Among these passages there are the ticket offices. Exit to the city is on Tverskaya street and the underpass under the Tverskaya square.

East lobby shares Pushkinskaya and Chekhovskaya Metro Stations . This is the wide underground room rectangular form with low ceiling with lighting caissons square shape. The exit is supplied to the underground passage which is located under the Strastny Boulevard.

Places of interest near Pushkinskaya Metro Station

You can get several popular theatres from Pushkinskaya Metro Station quickly . Famous Moscow State Theatre which is called Lenkom was built in 1907 in Nouveau style. Today it is famous far beyond Russia. By the way, earlier in this building the Merchants club was. Also near the station there is the theater named in honor of A. S. Pushkin and Children's Musical Theatre of Young Actor ( Drama Theatre of K. S. Stanislavsky). There are many museums and places which were previously occupied by the famous artists. Near the station there is a Museum-Apartment of A. B. Goldenweiser and the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.


The South entrance is open for the passengers from 5 hours 35 minutes. The closing time is within 1 a.m.. North lobby is open at 6: 30 a.m. and closed at 22 hours 30 minutes.

How to get from Pushkinskaya Metro Station to the Element hotel

Leave the station towards Tverskoi Boulevard , then go to the end of Tverskoi Boulevard . Turn left onto Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, go straight to the building 24/1 ( landmark "Lookkafe" , Cooking ). At the end of the house turn left. The hotel entrance is on the side of Hlynovsky deadlock.

Недорогая гостиница Ключевой Элемент удобно расположена в самом центре Москвы (м. Арбатская). Наш отель предоставляет услуги проживания в комфортных номерах категорий номер стандарт, номер комфорт, номер бизнес, номер люкс.

Key Element hotel

24/1 B. Nikitskaya st., Moscow

+7(495) 988-00-64