Okhotny Ryad

Address: г. Москва, Манежная площадь, Охотный Ряд, Моховая ул., Театральная площадь, ул. Большая Дмитровка

Nearest underground station: станция метро Охотный ряд

Okhotny Ryad metro station


Okhotny Ryad metro station is the nearest metro station to the Red Square. It is located on the territory of the Tverskoy district of the capital between Lubyanka and Biblioteka Imeni Lenina metro stations of the Sokolnicheskaya line .

Okhotny Ryad metro station was based on the 15 th of May in 1935.

Lobbies and transplantation

Okhotny Ryad metro station has a transplant to Teatralnaya metro station of Zamoskvoretskaya line. In the Central hall of the station escalators are situated, according to which the transition is performed. East lobby of the station combines with Teatralnaya metro station , respectively, the transition can be carried out and through the lobby. Despite the fact that another station, namely Ploshchad Revolyutse is in the hub,there is not a direct transition between stations .

East lobby goes on the Theatre Square.

West lobby is underground. He has access to the Manezhnaya Square. Everybody can get into this lobby directly from a shopping Mall which is located under Moscow's Manezhnaya Square.

Near the station are situated Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, Mohovaya Street, Okhotny Ryad Street.

The ground infrastructure

Because the station is located in the heart of Moscow, it is not hard to find here for a meal.There are around 200 different shops near the station,including such famous shops as the GUM, the Passage "Peter" and Shopping Mall "Okhotny Ryad".

What about musems ? Here is the Lenin Mausoleum, and the Museum of the Moscow Art Theatre, and the Museum of Archaeology, and the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, and museums Large and Small Theaters, and many other interesting and informative places.

Near the station there are 8 theatres, lots of cafes and restaurants, 6 nightclubs, where you can try your luck playing roulette, and a lot of entertainment that will not let you get bored after you exit Okhotny Ryad metro station .

For those who are not looking for entertainment who want to get higher education, it will be interesting that near metro station there are some universities such as Moscow State University (Faculty of Psychology), Medical Academy of Sechenov, Russian State Humanitarian University, School of Private Law, as well as Regency Moscow Choral Academy.

Useful facts

The station is open to visitors from 5:30 until 1:00.

Element hotel is 1.1 km from Okhotny Ryad metro station . It takes about 14 minute by foot.

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Key Element hotel

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