Okhotny Ryad

Address: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square, Okhotny Ryad, Moss Street., Theater Square, st. Greater Dmitrovka

Nearest metro station: Okhotny Ryad metro station

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"Okhotny Ryad" metro station


Metro "Okhotny Ryad" is the closest metro station to the "Red Square". It is located on the territory of the Tverskoy district of the capital between the stations of the Sokolnicheskaya line "Lubyanka" and "Lenin Library "

The "Okhotny Ryad" station was commissioned as part of the first start-up section of the Moscow Metro "Sokolniki" – "Park Kultury" on May 15, 1935.

Vestibules and Transfers

Metro "Okhotny Ryad" has a transfer to the station "Teatralnaya" Zamoskvoretskaya line. In the central hall of the station there are escalators, along which the transition is carried out. The eastern vestibule of the station is combined with the station "Teatralnaya", respectively, the transition can also be carried out through the vestibule. In spite of the fact that one more station, namely the "Revolution Square", enters the interchange node, there is no direct transition between the stations.

The oriental lobby faces the Theater Square.

The western lobby is underground. It has access to the Manezhnaya square. You can get to this lobby directly from the shopping center, located under the Manege Square.

Not far from the station are the streets of Bolshaya Dmitrovka, Mokhovaya and Okhotny Ryad.

Ground infrastructure

Since the station is located in the heart of Moscow, it is difficult not to find a place for shopping here. About 200 different shops are close to the station, not to mention the nearby GUM, the "Petrovsky" Passage and the "Okhotny Ryad" Shopping Complex.

About museums and do not have to say. There are the Lenin Mausoleum, the Moscow Art Theater Museum, the Archeology Museum, the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, the museums of the Bolshoi and Maly theaters, and many interesting and informative places.

Not far from the station there are 8 theaters, a huge number of cafes and restaurants, 6 night clubs where you can experience destiny by playing roulette, and many more entertainments that will not let you get bored after you leave the station "Okhotny Ryad" to the surface.

For those who are not looking for entertainment, and want to get higher education, it will be interesting that near the metro are such universities as Moscow State University (Faculty of Psychology), Medical Academy. Sechenov, the Russian State University for the Humanities, the School of Private Law, and the Moscow Regency and Singing Academy.

Useful facts

The station is open to visitors from 5:30 to 1:00.

The "Key Element" hotel is located 1.1 km from "Okhotny Ryad" metro station. It's about a 14 minute walk.

Inexpensive hotel Key Element is conveniently located in the heart of Moscow (m. Arbatskaya). Our hotel provides accommodation in comfortable rooms of categories standard room, comfort room, business room, suite room.

Inexpensive hotel "Key Element" is conveniently located in the heart of Moscow (m. Arbatskaya). Our hotel provides accommodation in comfortable rooms of categories standard room, comfort room, business room, suite room.

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