Stroll along the Arbat Street, the main and perhaps the oldest street of Moscow. Poems and songs were dedicated to it. But Arbat Street is not only a street but also a surrounding area encircling it, which is more than 500 years old. Pushkin Apartment Museum, Museum of Tsvetaeva, Museum of Lermontov are situated here. Also you may find Vakhtangov Theater restored after the war. Some visitors are attracted by"Wall of Tsoi," perhaps the most famous representative of Russian rock. After his death, the inscription "Tsoi is alive," and some extracts of his songs appeared on the wall. And if the Kremlin is a center of power, Red Square - a center of social life, Arbat street is the center of culture in Moscow.

Недорогая гостиница Ключевой Элемент удобно расположена в самом центре Москвы (м. Арбатская). Наш отель предоставляет услуги проживания в комфортных номерах категорий номер стандарт, номер комфорт, номер бизнес, номер люкс.

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