Парк Коломенское

Kolomenskoe is one of the oldest human settlement on the territory of modern Moscow. Archaeological artefacts, located in the vicinity, testify about settlement of humans of Stone Age (V-III millennium BC.) here. In I millennium BC. on the banks of the Moscow River and its tributaries at the area of ​​future villages Dyakovo and Kolomenskoe, numerous unfortified villages of ancient Finno-Ugric tribe appeared.

The history of the village of Kolomenskoye is associated with the events of medieval Russian history. According to a legend, it was founded by residents of Kolomna, who survived a hard battle and the terrible devastation of the Mongol. Since ancient times this village, located on a high bank of the Moscow River, served as the summer residence of the Moscow princes and kings. The village acquired particular importance at the beginning of the XVI century, when the princes of Moscow paid great attention to the strengthening and protection of its southern borders.

During the reign of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Kolomenskoye became a favorite summer residence of the ruling family. By the fall of 1640 a wooden imperial palace was built there.

In recent years, Ethnographic Complex actively formed in Kolomenskoye. It is in plans to reconstruct the historic buildings of the village of Kolomenskoye, lost in the late 70s. of XX century., and arrange ethnographic exhibitions and expositions, including interactive in the recreated estates.

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