«Key Element» hotel is a modern hotel in the heart of Moscow. Its room capacity amounts to 53 rooms on both floors. For convenience of our guests, types of accommodation are organized not only by categories. We used division of the rooms by zones , providing the most comfortable accommodation in the hotel according to the different purposes.

The room layout will help our guests to make a choice of the room suitable for any individual goal. Accommodation of the guests is possible in the rooms belonging to areas of Short-time zone, Night-time zone and Long-time zone.

Each of these areas has a group of the rooms of different categories from «Standart» to «Luxe». Thus, if the guest need a «Comfort» room for the short period (for several hours), we will be able to offer accommodation in such a room belonging to the area of Short-time zone. If our guests wish to reserve a room for a longer period, they may order accommodation in a Long-time zone.

Division by zones provides a degree of comfort which is optimal for various goals and periods of stay. In the rooms of the hotel optimal conditions are created.

We have done our best to ensure maximum quality with reasonable price. And this applies not only for the furnishings of the rooms and accessories , but for a quality of the service as well.

Key Element hotel

24/1 B. Nikitskaya st., Moscow

+7(495) 988-00-64