It is not nessecary to visit a cafe to enjoy delicious breakfast. In our hotel you may order a service "Breakfast in the room". For our guests we may offer exquisite Europian cuisine – copious breakfasts in the room. Our menu may please visitors with various, appetizing and qualitative cuisine.

Dear guests! Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 9:00 every day!


A cup of fragrant and refreshing tea provides you with a tonus and impulse of energy for entire day.


Invigorating coffee in the morning - the best way to lift your spirits and cheerfulness!


A fresh cold drink. Every day in stock - apple, orange, pear juice!

To clarify the menu for the breakfasts you should appeal to receptionist. Breakfasts are served to the rooms from 07.00 a.m. till 09.00 a.m.

We take care of our guests and their comfortable living in the hotel.

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24/1 B. Nikitskaya st., Moscow

+7(495) 988-00-64